Remote follow-spot control


SPOTDRIVE is the world’s first handlebar based moving head luminaire controller. The creative lighting designer will surely embrace the fresh technical possibilities that SPOTDRIVE brings to the show industry, including the benefits of relocating followspot operators from their usual locations high above the stage.
This also removes the need of additional rigging weight and construction of safe access ways for all followspot operators to climb to their locations. In touring rigs or venues where load capacities are at a premium, gain by using remotely operated heads controlled by SPOTDRIVE.

  • Intuitive control of the remote followspot just as if using a camera on a tripod.
  • Logical layout of the user controls on the unit’s handlebars.
  • Seven direct programmable color buttons, and all the controls of a traditional follow spot – including Shutter, Iris, Dimmer, Zoom and Focus. All functions are free to be user defined.
  • Blackout button and Freeze re-positioning function.
  • Standard DMX output directly to fixture or via Lighting Console.
  • Mechanical dampening and stiffness adjustment of the Pan and Tilt arms allows the operator to tune the system to their liking.
  • HD-SDI Video via Fibre or Coax.