Compatible with all moving lamps…

Full product details:

  • The SPOTDRIVE system is an intuitive remote control of moving head fixtures used as followspots,
  • It is designed as a standard camera tripod stand with two handle bars, each with a control box attached,
  • Slide controls for Iris and Dimmer,
  • Rotary controls for Zoom, Focus, Pan Speed and Tilt Speed,
  • Two optional rotary controls for alternative use e.g. CTO, minus Green or Frost,
  • Shutter/Blackout momentary button,
  • Freeze button for easy positioning the handle bars related to fixture direction,
  • Seven pushbuttons for colours or filters, normally one as open. All configurable values within the same DMX channel,
  • All controls can be configured in the menu: DMX addresses, potentiometer endpoints and directions, as well the direction of pan and tilt movements can be altered,
  • Extremely low latency of the DMX output. If smoothing of the movements is required, this can be added in the menu,
  • Following the pan movements there is a monitor pole with a 15” HD-SDI monitor for the fixture camera, also a Tablet PC can be added (PC is optional), intended for running a PC application extending operator parameters or for monitoring lighting console invoked changes. This can also be used for rundowns, if available,
  • Opposite the operator side there is a connection panel for power inlet and distribution to monitor and PC. This is also a connector for the main control box and the DMX output which can be sent directly to the fixture or the lighting console for shared operation,
  • It also provides HD-SDI fiber input which is converted to a HD-SDI BNC output, or if coax is used, BNC looping to the monitor. If standard BNC cables, distance is limited depending on cable specifications,
  • For truss mount above the fixture is a box for camera PSU and either BNC loop or fiber output to the control unit. This also contains powercon based split so only one powercable needed to the fixture location,
  • A camera is included and as standard mounted to a Robe BMFL cover, which can replace the existing cover. Preferably the cables should be going through the yoke internally in the fixture,
  • The camera has as standard an 8mm CS mount lens attached. Optionally a 6-60mm manual zoomlens can be included,
  • The SPOTDRIVE comes in a flight case and control part consists of only two assemblies, which can be joined quickly, and ready for use in a few minutes.